Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is essential if escape is likely to be required in low light or emergency conditions. This could mean late afternoon during the winter months, night time and under mains failure conditions

Traditionally a self contained battery unit has proved an adequate provider of emergency lighting. However, due to high maintenance costs alternatives are starting to emerge onto the UK market

New developments in LED lighting and battery performance are leading to a new range of products offering increased performance and reduced running costs. These products linked to advances in Addressable System technology provide a highly efficient, low-cost system, which negates the need to perform costly and time consuming physical checks on the emergency lighting system.

A low-cost, convenient solution for smaller installations

A flexible solution, providing consistent performance over a longer period of time

A central system, driving existing light fittings at full output

An intelligent, cost-effective system, providing automated testing and maintenance reports to aid compliance

To learn more about the types of Emergency Lighting Systems, hover over the diagram above

Fire Bright is at the forefront of these advances in technology and, by working with the major manufacturers of Emergency Lighting Systems. As such, we can provide a system to meet your specific business needs, which will conform to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This new technology is proving so reliable that we now offer an extended 3 year warranty on all 'Firelux' systems which we supply, install and commission

The Fire Bright Emergency Lighting Team is ready to assist you in making informed decisions on the right system for your business. You can contact them now

Example of Emergency Lighting

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