Fire Alarm Systems

What fire alarms will best meet the needs of my business?

There are two main categories of Fire Alarm Systems available, as follows

Conventional systems (normally less than 50 devices) perform adequately in smaller, clean environments and generally require less capital investment to purchase. However, installed in the wrong business environment, they can lead to significant installation costs and reduced system integrity, leading to expensive nuisance alarms

Intelligent systems are generally suited to larger installations or challenging working environments. These systems continuously evaluate information, in order to make a series of intelligent decisions, provide the maximum protection and, as a result, minimise nuisance alarms. Intelligent systems continually monitor the working environment, measuring drift compensation to ensure that the system is continually performing at the optimum level

Dedicated wiring for detectors and sounders

Reduced installation cost by combining detection sounders on the same circuit

Open source system allowing maximum flexibility of maintenance and solutions

Accredited dealer supplied and maintained product

Dedicated manufactured system providing continuity of product and support

To learn more about Fire Alarm Systems, hover over the diagram above

Both systems meet the performance criteria of the current regulatory requirements but choosing the correct system for your business can not only save lives and property, but can also reduce installation and maintenance costs

A number of factors should be taken into account when deciding which is the best system for your needs and your budget

Fire Bright is a highly experienced, BAFE accredited organisation, with excellent partnerships with the major suppliers. We can advise and supply your business with the best solution for your needs, at a highly competitive price

If you choose Fire Bright to supply and install your Fire Alarm System, you may benefit from an extended three-year warranty at no additional cost

Our Fire Alarm specialists are available to assist you in choosing the right system for your business - find out how to contact them now?

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