Portable Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers are an essential part of the overall safety of employees, visitors and property

Their correct use can vastly reduce the spread of a fire, reducing cost and expensive downtime and, most importantly, aid the safe evacuation of your building

The important factors to be considered in selecting Fire Extinguishers are

Types of Fire and the correct Extinguishers to use

Type of Fire Water Foam Dry Powder Monnex Dry Powder Special Dry Powder CO2 Gas Wet Chemical
Wood, paper, textiles, other carbonaceous materials
Flammable liquids, such as petrols, spirits but NOT alchohol, cooking oil
Flammable gases, such as butane, propane
Flammable metals, such as magnesium, lithium
Electrical equipment, such as photocopiers, computers
Cooking oils and fat, such as maize oil, lard, butter

Our engineers are FIA certified and trained to BS5306-3:2009, which satisfies ISO 9001. They can therefore offer advice on the correct type of extinguisher, ensuring suitability for purpose

Fire Bright provides a comprehensive range of high quality Portable Fire Extinguishers, which comply with all current regulations, and are

These products are of the highest quality and, as such, we are able to offer an extended warranty on the majority of the range

In addition to your own monthly checks, we can provide annual and extended servicing, to ensure that your extinguishers will always perform to specification

Fire Bright's FIA certified engineers are ready to assist you in making the correct choices for your specific requirement. Why not contact them now?

Range of Portable Fire Extinguishers

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